Intro to Evolutionary Astrology Workshop / October 17th

Intro to Evolutionary Astrology Workshop / October 17th

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Tuesday, October 17th, 6-8pm

The mirror of our planetary sky contains limitless information. For those called to explore the maps of astrology, there are countless routes to take. For those on a path of spiritual awareness, Evolutionary Astrology is a powerful modality that can uncover a remembering of who we are as souls. Through its lens, the planets and the Zodiac come alive, sharing in-depth who we have been before and beyond this life.

In this introductory class, Evolutionary Astrologer Dae Wood will offer an accessible entry point for understanding how the astrological birth chart shines a light on the evolutionary journey of the soul. Prior to class, please provide Dae with your birth information – birthdate, birth time (as exact as you know), and birth location (city/state or country). All experience levels are welcome!

Dae Wood (they/them) has been practicing Evolutionary Astrology for 12 years. Early in their studies, an immersion course awakened a life-changing relationship to Dae’s soul nature and clarity on their work in this lifetime. Dae is also a Lenormand and Tarot reader and energy worker based out of Recenter Wellness in Lafayette, Colorado.

Space is limited. Please sign up early to reserve your spot. 

Cancellation policy: Due to limited space, if you need to cancel please give as much notice as possible. We can only offer refunds on classes cancelled at least 48 hours before the event. Thanks for your understanding.

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