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Kangu // Funding Safe Births Around the World

At The Little Herbal, we are passionate about supporting the health of mamas & babies around the world so we donate 5% of all sales to an amazing organization called Kangu where we can directly fund a woman's safe birth.  

Did you know that each day 800 women and 8,000 newborns die because they lack access to basic healthcare services, like a trained professional and a clean facility? These deaths are nearly entirely preventable. Through Kangu we can connect with pregnant women around the world and help cover their medical costs so they and their babies can survive and thrive.  Through Kangu, we can help cover the costs of prenatal care, assisted delivery, postpartum care, neonatal care, emergency services and health education for women who cannot afford it.

More than 95% of women who die in childbirth are from developing countries, meaning where you are born determines your chance of surviving your pregnancy. Kangu wants to change this and we want to help.

Find out more at Kangu.Org