Healing the Womb // March 8th

Healing the Womb // March 8th

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Healing the Womb, Sunday March 8th, 4:30-6:30pm

with Guest Herbalist, Laura Clemmons

Learn some amazing self care tools that can help you have a healthy moon time. We will discuss vaginal steams, self directed uterine massage, and the plants that support a healthy menstrual cycle. Learn about which herbs can be used for vaginal steams and formulas that promote tone and overall health with an emphasis on the plants of the area. Clinically, vaginal steaming is extremely useful for women experiencing painful periods, clotting, pelvic congestion, fibroids and more. 

About Laura Clemmons

Laura a certified herbalist and strega, specializing in Wise Woman Traditions.  She develops healing protocols for her clients by drawing from traditional herbal medicine , Mayan healing techniques, and North American indigenous healing practices. She acknowledges physical, psychological and spiritual issues, being that these systems are integrated and inseparable. 

Laura comes from a lineage of Italian healers, or Strega. The Strega are the seers and medicine women that care for the community, and a conduit to the spirit world who share messages and gifts from plant spirits. Through her journey, she has learned the healing ways by piecing together tools developed and nurtured by her ancestors.

Laura's first introduction to alternative health was with Chinese Medicine under Dr. Gu Ding in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shen Nong Center in Philadelphia, PA (1997), which ignited her passion for healing. It then morphed into a desire to study western herbalism, she moved to Colorado and earned two certifications in Herbalism under the clinical director Paul Bergner at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies owned by Feather Jones. In 2007 she traveled to Belize to learn Mayan Traditional Healing Practices and Abdominal Massage from Ms. Beatrice Waight, and further honed these skills with Ann Drucker in Boulder, Colorado. She has held apprenticeships with Linda White Dove (herbal medicine), Claudia Rosewolf (traditional North American indigenous healing practices), Chris Davidson (Journeying), and Pei Fen Yan (Chinese Medicine). Each of these experiences and mentors have gifted her with unique skills that she incorporates into her healing practice today.

Laura’s heart shines true as she walks the beauty way with integrity, finding the medicine within herself and helping others do the same. She feels that it is important to honor the way we first learned about healing, which can be a powerful complement to modern medicine. She listens to the healing ways of the ones that came before her, the ancestors. She is taught by the earth, the moon, and the plants to live in this world as a healing friend and helping women. Laura celebrates the stories of medicine women and channels the songs of the plants. She uses these tools to read the ones standing before her who are in need of help and support. Together, you both dance and sing your way into balance.

Ultimately, she feels her duty is to help women to discover the medicine within, and does so through her practice as well as the classes and workshops she teaches.


Cancellation policy: Due to limited space, if you need to cancel please give as much notice as possible. We can only offer refunds on classes cancelled at least 48 hours before the event. Thanks for your understanding.

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