Charcoal Detox Bar - Seagrape Soap

Charcoal Detox Bar - Seagrape Soap

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Made by Seagrape Soap

Activated charcoal is highly absorbent and is said to draw out impurities and leave your skin glowing! This aromatherapy bar of soap is perfect for all skin types, including troubles skin, and works wonders as a face bar.

This handmade activated charcoal soap bar with notes of pink grapefruit, sage, lemon, vetiver and lemongrass has an uplifting and calming effect on the mind and mood. With amazing lather and moisturizing properties, this soap is great as a face, body and shave bar.

Activated Charcoal attracts other substances to its surface and holds them there by adsorption. It adsorbs thousands of times its own weight making it a great addition to a detox bar of soap! It works to unclog pores, cleanse the skin, remove toxins and dead skin cells, resulting in a brighter, refreshed complexion. 

Ingredients: Soponified oils of olive, almond, castor, coconut, evening primrose and soy, essential oil blend (pink grapefruit, sage, lemon, vetiver and lemongrass), activated charcoal
4.3oz| made with love

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