Intuitive Tarot Workshop Series

Intuitive Tarot Workshop Series

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Intuitive Tarot with Terri Wilber 

3 part workshop series Wednesday August 14th, Wednesday August 21st & Wednesday August 28th, 6-8pm

Do you have a vision of yourself as a Tarot reader? What do you see? Maybe you’ve answered a Universal call to pick up a Tarot deck. Perhaps you just felt the unexplained tug and want to take action. This 3-part series Tarot class is for you! 

Designed for the beginner to moderate, we start with foundation – CONNECTION and INTUITION. These are the cornerstones to reading cards. Experience what it’s like to connect to higher source/self and explore how to deepen that connection.

The cards themselves tell a story, co-created by the subject you are reading. Learn to connect with the story, rather than relying on rote memorization of card meanings. The card does not have the same meaning for all subjects. Learn discernment in your readings.

Finally, put the whole package together! This class is experiential so you’ll be DOING along with the KNOWING!

The cost of the workshop series includes a gemstone pendulum and a Mythic Tarot Deck as well as a workbook created by Terri as a reference.


Terri Wilbur began her metaphysical journey at age 8, sitting with her great aunt and grandmother, learning to read tea leaves. Fascinated by the process, she took on the role as “fortune teller” at the neighborhood carnival. At age 11, her dad bought her the first Tarot deck and she began studying in earnest. What she noticed in the coming years was that something was missing. Connection. Intuition. There really isn’t a class available to teach those things – or at least there wasn’t in the 80s!

Having now read cards, palms and done numerology for over 4 decades, Terri realizes the value in legacy and teaching those called to learn. Specifically, teaching connection and intuition in conjunction with how to read cards. As a teacher/trainer by trade, Terri brings humor and authenticity into everything she does. Her ultimate goal in life is to aid in the positive transformation of souls on our big blue marble.


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