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Welcome to the Little Herbal Apothecary!

Little Herbal Apothecary is a community herb shop in Lafayette, Colorado offering a wide variety of organic bulk herbs, essential oils, aromatherapy, tinctures, therapeutic herbal teas, smudges, crystals and gifts. We offer our very own line of botanically-inspired skincare products as well as pregnancy, birth and baby care items. Our products are handcrafted in small batches right here in Lafayette using only the finest quality, organic ingredients.

You can also attend workshops at the Apothecary throughout the year on a variety of topics including Organic Skincare, Family Herbalism, Women’s Health, Plant Identification and much more! Join us on the first Friday of every month for Make & Take Night where you get to come in and make a completely customized skincare product to take home with you. The Little Herbal Apothecary is also available for private parties and events. Visit our shop at 100 E Cleveland St. in Lafayette, give us a call at (303) 666-6951.

At the Little Herbal Apothecary, your purchases help fund safe births all around the world! We donate 1% of all sales to organizations that support mamas & babies in need through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.

Meet the Herbalists!

Faith Rodgers (owner / herbalist / artisan)

Hey there, Welcome to the Little Herbal Apothecary! My name is Faith. I am certified clinical herbalist and mom of three. I launched the Little Herbal Apothecary in 2015 to support parents in caring for their families using all-natural herbal remedies and clean, organic skincare products. At the Apothecary, we source the highest quality herbs, essential oils and other raw materials to bring you the finest skincare products and herbal remedies on the market. Each product is handcrafted right here in Lafayette in small batches using safe, ethically sourced, organic ingredients. One of my biggest passions is teaching people how to make their own herbal remedies at home. It can be so easy and FUN! Browse my blog for tons of great recipes or visit us at the store for a hands-on workshop! You can also download my free eBook, “The Little Herbal: A Beginner’s Guide to Herbs for Kids”, where you can learn how to safely and effectively create and use herbal remedies with your family. 

When I am not at the Apothecary, you can find me playing board games with my kids, hiking in the mountains, playing the ukulele or cooking nourishing meals for friends & family. Don’t be shy, I love hearing from you!  Feel free to get in touch with any questions. I hope to meet you soon!

Amber Wood (certified herbalist & nutritionist)

Amber is clinical herbalist and nutritionist who is busy mastering her craft at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She has a passion for helping others take control of their own health with the support of herbs, food and exercise. She loves learning about local plants and discovering new ways of using them as both food and medicine. In her spare time she enjoys wandering, reading, listening to music, traveling, preparing food, sharing meals and laughing with friends.


Ellie Martin (certified herbalist & nutritionist)

Hi! I’m Ellie. I have been an herbalist for more than 10 years, and I have enjoyed learning about herbs and other natural remedies over that time. I made my way to herbalism through an exploration of my own health. I grew up with GERD, and other digestive issues, and after working with my diet and various herbs I found that I felt much more vital and healthy! It was enough for me to want to learn all about it and to help others feel empowered to improve their own health as well.

I went to school at the North American Institute for Medical Herbalism, and have over 1000 hours of training and internship credits in areas such as pathophysiology, botany, herbal medicine-making, and herbal materia medica.

Over the past decade I have helped clients with a variety of conditions, although my main focuses are on digestive issues, nutrition, sleep, and pre/post-natal support. I love working at The Little Herbal Apothecary because of the sweet community we are building here in Lafayette, and I enjoy being able to share my knowledge with others!

Liz Faermark (herbalist in training)

My deep love for plants, food, art, and community healing eventually led me from the flatlands to the Front Range, where I began studying at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in 2018. 
Through my work and studies, I humbly wish to share medicine (be it a meal, a tea, a salve or a song) that uplifts individuals and communities alike.Hey, folks! I’m Liz. 
I've spent the last few years cooking with organic, local, and wild foods in restaurant kitchens, and growing cut flowers and medicinal herbs at Delight Flower Farm in central Illinois. Throughout my years cooking and farming, I developed a passion for learning about, and experimenting with wild edibles and medicinal plants. Working with safe, abundant, and accessible medicinals in my garden was my first peek into the potent and powerful world of herbalism. I was empowered and inspired by my discoveries. 

When I'm not busy at school or the apothecary, I love performing with my band, cooking, salsa dancing, spending time outside, and going to see live music!