Mango Ceylon Tea

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Certified Organic

A delightfully zesty organic mango Ceylon blend. This fruity classic has organic mango and calendula petals added to it which complement the fine Ceylon and Assam leaves. For those of us who sometimes prefer a flavored tea, this makes a perfect, uplifting cup.

Ingredients: Organic Ceylon tea, organic Assam tea, organic mango pieces, organic calendula flowers, and organic mango flavoring.

We have a 7 gram minimum (1/4 ounce) and a 112 gram maximum (4 ounces) on bulk herb purchases.

PLEASE READ before ordering bulk herbs online

We sell our bulk herbs by the gram, which is a VERY SMALL unit of measurement. This is why we require a minimum of 7 grams. If you are used to ordering herbs in ounces, 1 ounce is approximately 28 grams. Our herbs are packaged in paper bags and we recommend that you transfer them to a glass jar upon receiving for optimal shelf-life. Below is a volume estimate to assist you when purchasing bulk herbs online. Please note that these are approximations to help guide you and NOT exact measurements. The volume will vary depending on the weight of each individual herb.

-7 grams of a heavy herb (like roots, berries or herbal powders) is approximately 1 TBSP. 

-7 grams of a leafy herb (like raspberry leaf & mugwort) is approximately 3 TBSP.

-7 grams of a light flower (like chamomile & jasmine) is approximately 4 TBSP.