Be Happy Aromatherapy Flower Essence Spray

Be Happy // Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Spray

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Warning...spraying this blend of pure essential oils & flower essences might cause you to feel intense feelings of happiness and bliss!

Created using essential oils that are safe for kiddos and adults plus boosted with flower essences to harmonize the emotions, this blend is great to have on hand anytime you need a pick me up. Spray Often!

What is the Flower Essence Boost?
Gentian Flower Essence: Gentian Essence brings the perseverance and confidence necessary to continue after a setback.
Gorse Flower Essence: Gorse essence uplifts those feeling discouraged, gloomy or hopeless and restores balance to feelings of light and dark.
Mustard Flower Essence: Mustard essence is for those with generalized feeling of depression without any obvious cause.  It brings the joy back to life!

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Organic Geranium Essential Oil, Fir Balsam Essential Oil, Organic Basil Essential Oil, Gentian Flower Essence, Gorse Flower Essence, Mustard Flower Essence

Citrus oils can increase sensitivity to the sun. Do not apply this blend topically right before sun exposure.

How Do I use my Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Spray?
Shake well and spray often...Close your eyes and spray over your face & body, spray the room, linens or pillows.

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