Be Present Aromatherapy Flower Essence Spray

Be Present // Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Spray

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This intoxicating Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Spray is designed to bring you back to center. Deep base notes of Vetiver, Sandalwood & Cedarwood are the focus, balanced beautifully with the softness of Elemi and the brightness of Bergamot. Created to help you open up, recieve and connect. Use during mediation, yoga, ceremony or as daily ritual to create more balance in your life. 

Ingredients: Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil, Elemi Essential Oil, Organic Vetiver Essential Oil, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil, Clematis Flower Essence, Impatiens Flower Essence, White Chestnut Flower Essence

What is the Flower Essence Boost?
Clematis Flower Essence: This essence keeps you balanced and grounded in your body.
Impatiens Flower Essence: This essence brings a calm, focused patience. Allows you to go with the natural flow of life
White Chestnut Flower Essence: Use this essence to calm an anxious or overactive mind. Helps to quiet repetitive or negative thoughts.

This product comes in a 4 fluid ounce spray bottle.

How Do I use my Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Spray?
Shake well and spray often...Close your eyes and spray over your face & body, spray the room, linens or pillows. This blend is wonderful for mediation & ceremony.

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