Herbal Infused Oils Free Mini Workshop
Herbal Infused Oils Free Mini Workshop
Herbal Infused Oils Free Mini Workshop

Herbal Infused Oils Free Mini Workshop

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Nourish - Hydrate - Soothe

Learn a foundational skill for making herbal products!

Herbal infused oils often serve as a plant-powered base for other botanical products like salves, creams, serums, lip care products and more. We use herbal infused oils in many of our Little Herbal Lab workshops! This free mini course will teach you how to make beautiful herbal infused oils to amplify the benefits of all your handmade herbal products. 

You’ll Learn: 

  • The medicinal uses and benefits of different herbs for topical application
  • How to make dry plant material vs. fresh plants infusions
  • Two different methods for calculating herb-to-oil ratios
  • Two different methods for infusing herbs into oil 
  • Tips for creating stronger, more potent herbal infused oils with a long shelf life

You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access to this recorded workshop via Thinkific
  • A PDF of the complete notes from this mini workshop, including step-by-step instructions for making an herbal infused oil

You’ll Make:

  • Herbal Infused Oil

You’ll Need:

  • Mortar & Pestle, Blender or Herb Grinder
  • Mason Jar with Lid
  • Crock Pot
  • Kitchen Scale (optional)
  • Stir Stick or Spoons
  • Muslin Cloth or Cheesecloth
  • Strainer or Funnel (optional)
  • Amber Bottle with Cap, or Jar with Lid

Please note: Unlike our other workshops, this free mini workshop does NOT have a corresponding Maker’s Kit. If you’d like to make your own herbal infused oils at home, you can purchase bulk ingredients and herbs online at The Little Herbal Apothecary.

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