Dragon's Blood Resin 1oz Jar
Dragon's Blood Resin 1oz Jar

Dragon's Blood Resin 1oz Jar

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Dragon’s Blood

Daemonorops draco

Dragon’s blood resin is produced by the rattan palm tree in Southeast Asia. It is often burned for love, spiritual protection, and for casting out the dark. It can dispel negative energies as well as attract positive ones. It is believed that adding a pinch of dragon's blood to other burning resins increases their potency and power. The resin is still used today in modern witchcraft where it is powdered down and made into an ink for writing spells


How to burn resin:

Resins and smudges are traditionally burned to honor the sacredness of an occasion, to clear or protect a space, raise the energy, or prepare for ceremony, prayer or healing.

-Open windows and/or doors
-Place a charcoal tablet on a heat safe surface, plate or bowl
-Light the charcoal tablet and wait till it turns slightly gray
-Drop a few pieces of resin on the charcoal tablet and allow it to smoke

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